A Comprehensive Review of Costco’s Chicken Sausages

A Comprehensive Review of Costco’s Chicken Sausages

Within the breakfast food scene, Costco sausages, particularly the AmyLu Chicken Sausages, have carved out a significant niche. This article presents a thorough review of the chicken sausage Costco offers, assessing their flavor profile, quality of ingredients, affordability, and user convenience.

Introduction to AmyLu Chicken Sausages

Originating from Chicago, AmyLu is celebrated for its chicken-centric delicacies. The brand’s portfolio, ranging from meatballs to burgers, has solidified its reputation for premium chicken products. At Costco, shoppers can find the AmyLu Chicken Breakfast Links, offering a delightful alternative to the usual breakfast sausage options.

These chicken sausages Costco carries boast health-conscious features such as being paleo-friendly, gluten-free, and nitrate-free. Crafted from antibiotic-free chicken, they represent a healthier choice in the realm of breakfast meats. Each package contains 54 links, ensuring a generous stock for numerous breakfast occasions, and aligns with the growing demand for organic chicken sausage Costco shoppers are seeking.

Unboxing the Package

Retailing at Costco for $13.99, AmyLu’s Chicken Sausages are packaged in a 2.5lb offering. Despite the packaging suggesting a length of 6 inches, the sausages are about 3 inches each, neatly arranged in two rows. This detail is crucial for consumers to manage expectations, although the total weight of chicken sausages at Costco remains a substantial 2.5lbs.

Convenience is key with the Costco chicken sausage links, which are smartly sectioned into three separate bags with 18 sausages each. This packaging design facilitates easy storage and portion control, enhancing the product’s appeal for consumers looking to manage their intake or preserve freshness.

Taking a Closer Look

Costco sausage boasts a visually appealing light brown hue, a nod to its chicken base, and is dotted with vibrant red, black, and green spices. This colorful seasoning not only adds to the visual allure but also suggests a rich and savory taste experience.

While the sausages may appear processed at first glance, which could be a deterrent for some, the texture is surprisingly not a drawback. The robust seasoning and rich flavors effectively compensate for any textural concerns, ensuring a satisfying culinary experience.

Delving into the Taste

Upon sampling, the chicken apple sausage Costco offers delivers a classic breakfast sausage taste. While the flavor profile might not be as intense as some might hope, with a particular expectation for a spice burst, the saltiness stands out, which could be slightly overwhelming. The costco apple chicken sausage incorporates subtle notes of cheese and spinach, which meld perfectly with the chicken base.

While the texture of the aidells chicken and apple sausage might give off a processed vibe, it doesn’t detract from the eating experience. The casing is pleasantly unobtrusive and tender, ensuring the flavors are the main attraction. However, the occasional hard crunch, possibly from bone fragments, is a noteworthy concern that might dissuade some customers.

Nutrition and Ingredients

On the nutritional spectrum, AmyLu’s Costco chicken apple sausage excels. Each serving, which includes three sausages, boasts 130 calories, 8g of fat, 1g of carbs, and an impressive 12g of protein, according to the nutrition information. While the protein level is laudable for a sausage serving, and the fat content is reasonable, the sodium content might be a bit high at 540 mg per serving.

The ingredient roster for these sausages is refreshingly uncomplicated, featuring organically raised chicken without antibiotics as the primary ingredient, along with water and a variety of spices. This positions the sausages as a healthier, organic alternative to the conventional pork varieties.

Preparation and Serving

AmyLu’s Chicken Sausages offer versatility in preparation, with options for grilling, stovetop cooking, or microwaving. The stovetop method is particularly convenient for whipping up a fresh, quick breakfast. Grilling, while flavorful, may be too time-intensive for morning routines, and microwaving might affect the sausages’ taste and texture.

Price Point and Value

Costco’s 2.5lb package of AmyLu Chicken Breakfast Links is priced at $13.99, breaking down to about $5.59 per pound or $0.26 per link. During sales, the costco organic chicken sausage becomes even more wallet-friendly at $10.49, or $4.19 per pound, $0.19 per link, offering a competitive price point for its quantity and quality.

Wrapping It Up

In summary, AmyLu’s Chicken Sausages, particularly the apple chicken sausage Costco carries, represent a value-for-money, healthier choice compared to standard breakfast sausages. They cater well to those in search of a low-calorie, high-protein morning meal, though the slight chance of encountering bone fragments should be considered. Ultimately, it boils down to individual taste and nutritional preferences.

Your Thoughts

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